Advantages of partnering with Speedbird


What is the amount of time and money spent in hiring, maintaining, training and firing office staff cost you?

  • No staff turnover…No training and re-training
  • No employee benefits
  • No employee absenteeism
  • No delay in cash flows during absenteeism
  • No computer hardware / software headaches or expense (i.e. upgrades, trouble shooting…)
  • Increased, more predictable cash-flow
  • Increased incentives (we work on a percentage of collections)
  • Most current coding & reimbursement techniques
  • Florida Medical Billing Service Provider
  • Increased accountability
  • Full-time, professional attention to your cash flow
  • No office distraction
  • Increased office morale
  • Detailed management & negotiating reports
  • Daily electronic filing
  • Increased patient satisfaction (due to prompt, accurate and professional filing—and their call answered within two rings!)
  • Free your office to do what you do best…Care for your patients!
  • We are provide service from florida