Florida Medical Billing Company

Florida Medical Billing Company

In today's climate, healthcare providers are seeing their profit margins shrink and demands on their time go up. To continue providing quality healthcare, they will have to adopt more efficient business strategies and processes. Speed Bird Services is delivering such efficiencies to healthcare providers and businesses with our proven processes, people and technology that delivers on improved cash-flow and less office distractions.

Speed Bird Services leverages its 10+ years in the business to provide unparallel professional, personable medical billing that provides the stability and transparency in cash flow that your practice requires. Each client (large or small) receives a personalized service to fit their specific needs with affordable rates.

for best medical services, we are the florida medical billing services provider

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Florida Medical Billing Company

Why SpeedBirdServices?

  • Experience - You deserve an experienced billing partner
  • Proven Results
  • People
  • Pricing

About SpeedBirdServices

  • 10+ years in business
  • Servicing most specialties/disciplines
  • New Practice Specialists
  • One stop shop

About Cost

  • Fees based on receipts - you get paid, we get paid
  • No start up fees
  • No long term contracts
  • All inclusive

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Add a provider to your practice? We help your register, credential and contract the provider to your practice in the most efficient and transparent method possible.

New practice setup? No problem. We will take away the headache of obtaining contracts, credentialing paperwork, maintaining and specifying information on CAQH.

All your credentialing/contracting needs are covered for a low one time fee!

Referrals and Authorization Management

Create and optimize workflow to request and obtain authorizations prior to patient’s visit.

Archiving and entering authorization information into a structured format for use with claims.

Realtime tracking of referrals/authorizations on a common platform with front office.

Why SpeedBirdServices

  • "Speed Bird Services has been providing world-class practice management solutions
    since 2005 and has the experience and expertise to
    maximize your reimbursements"

  • "Real-time access to your practice management database from anywhere"

    100% transparency at all times
  • "Electronic claims, payment and denial management"

    Minimize errors, maximize cash flows
  • "Supplimenting your practice"

    Ensure your practice continues to run smoothly.
    We've got your back !